Jun 18th

Something fun…

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As we mentioned a few hair posts ago, we’ll be cranking out some short/medium bob-length hairstyles. This is one of my favorites if you’re wearing something with a collar and you want to “lift” the hair up off your neck. You can definitely wear it regardless of the neckline on your dress/top but if pulling your hair up is the focus, keep this trick in your back pocket! I’ve broken it down into 3 sections to try and make it less complicated.

PART 1: Rough it up a little.

In these first four steps, you’re just adding some texture so the hair isn’t too soft. When short hair is super soft, the bobby pins will slip and the updo will slowly (or worse– quickly) fall apart. Here’s how we do that…

  1. Start with clean dry hair. If you have a little wave in your natural texture, let it be. web whois . It’s useful for this updo. If your hair is naturally pin-straight, you may want to add a little quick wave with a curling iron, wand or flat iron. If you hair is curly, leave it! This can totally be done on curly hair.
  2. Spray a bit of beach spray or texture spray all over, focusing on the root area. Make sure it’s not a product that feels too “crunchy” or sticky! You don’t want to have trouble pulling it apart as you put it up. It should be soft to the touch.
  3. Use your fingers to build the hair up. Scrunch and massage the root until the spray dries.
  4. Twist some of the pieces to give it even a little more texture.


PART 2: Twist it up!

  1. Create a diagonal part. It’s good to do this so you get a slightly more even distribution of hair on each side.
  2. Section off the heavier side and clip it forward to save it for the “knot” portion.
  3. Now you’re going to start twisting the side with less hair. Start near the ear and work your way back and up!
  4. Keep twisting! Add some pins as you go to secure the twist.
  5. Once you’ve twisted it all you can twist, you’re going to need to tuck the ends.
  6. Loop it back around as you see in photo 6 and tuck the tail of your twist back into the lower part of the twist and pin.
  7. You’re probably always going to have some short hairs fall out of the back when putting up bob-length hair. For that I always keep some of THIS around. It’s like liquid glue (not in a bad way). It’s just a really strong and will secure those hairs that fall out, no problem.

PART 3: Knotty, knotty!

  1. Now let’s go back to the front section. Pretend you’re going to do a french braid along your hairline. Instead of taking 3 pieces, take just two. them together once.
  2. Now add a piece to each side, the same way you would with a french braid.
  3. Now tie that together!
  4. Keep going and adding hair to each section as you go.
  5. Once you get just above the ear, you can stop.
  6. Twist the ends and tuck it into the back twist. Secure it with a bobby pin and spray it with a light veil of hairspray.

Check it in the mirror from all sides. Loosen up some bits if you want to make it feel a bit more soft and natural. If you try it, we of course want to see it! Tag us in your photo @thebeautydept on Instagram!

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May 8th

Wedding Season is upon us..check this out!

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Attendee StyleWedding season has officially started, and bridezillas are in full force.  But to be honest, it’s usually the maid of honor or the brides mother that are out of control!  I’m not trying to give anyone a bad rap but ladies, just relax, this is supposed to be fun!  Your supposed to be happy and joyous and excited the big day is finally here.  Really, at this point nothing can be done to change anything that has gone wrong and it’s only hair.  But, you could  do us a solid a bring in your pics of your favorite Pinterest hairstyles and we will work our magic.  We will beautify your hair and amplify your lashes.  Leave it up to us and trust we want you to look your best.  But most of all relax, you’ll be buzzin’ by 5. site down .

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Apr 28th


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caitlin 2011Join Roots Salon on Friday for the premier Fashion Show in all of Milwaukee!  So, will this fashion show bring it or not?  We will have to wait and see on Friday but if it’s anything like past shows, it should be spectacular.  Who would want to miss this?  It is jam packed with local designers, local business sponsors, great auction items and a cash raffle that will give away up to $1000.  It should bring down the house with all the excitement at Potawatomi Bingo and Casino.  Gambling credits will be given with all tickets and drinks will be plenty.  Think about checking it out or you’ll be missing out.  See you there, maybe. domain keywords .

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Apr 14th

Spring Must-Haves or Not Really?

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If your wondering what the must-haves are for fashion for Spring, don’t.  I’ve seen the latest by scouring the web, low heel pumps, did I really just say pumps?  Shirts that show off your mid-riff, do we really want to see that?  And orange is the new black, I love black, I don’t want the new black!  Those are a few and if I kept going you would want to stay inside for Spring.

Looking on the bright side, there are some more attractive looks to consider when thinking about your hair.  Cuts are moving more towards mid length with some subtle layers.  This cut is easy to style and can be worn on most whether you have thick or skinny hair.  Colors are moving away from Ombre and more towards natural browns with some face framing highlights, making you look like you’ve been in the sun even if you haven’t seen it for months.  (But here’s to hoping, it will come out again.)  Dare I say forego the blond this summer and be more natural, no really try it out.  You might like it!o-MEDIUM-HAIRCUTS-900

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Mar 25th

Will Spring ever get sprung?

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hair color reds blondes brunettes ombre long short hair-styles-cuts-ideas-women/haircolor-collection

With Winter nearing the end and April in sight (hopefully), it’s time to try something new.  Make a statement with your stylist and try to change up your “roots”, try a new look.  Pastels are still huge in color techniques and can be used to add something fun or all over for something dramatic.  Try it today with your stylist,  have them reinvent your style with a little or a lot of color!  You can get sprung this Spring, (even if the weather is not cooperating). domain like

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