Feb 20th

Top 8 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Consultation

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Let me tell you about one of my worst salon experiences ever. Mind you, I have no professional background in hair, so this is coming from a purely client-sided perspective. Back when I was in college, I went to go get a much needed hair cut at another local salon. Because I didn’t have a go-to stylist, the salon booked me with a girl named Star. I’m not joking. I’m not sure if that was her real name or “salon name”, but that is what she went by. Star. And, yes, she did think that highly of herself considering she was an entry level stylist.badhaircut

            Now let me give you a little background on this particular hair appointment. I was in art school at the time, and for anyone who has been on a campus of an art school, you know that pink mohawks and green highlights reigned supreme. I was looking for something fun, different, with a lot of personality. To be honest, when I sat down in Star’s chair, I don’t remember what exactly it was that I told her I wanted. But I do remember her response very clearly. “No you don’t,” she said, flatly, and proceeded to tell me what she thought I should do. I couldn’t believe what she had just said to me. I was so taken aback by it that I didn’t even argue. And that was my mistake.

After a long appointment of listening to her ramble on about how she is a third generation hairdresser and that her particular education made her far superior to her colleagues, I ended up with what I called “Sunday school long layers”. Put some pearls on me and I was ready to hang with the ladies who lunch. It was a far cry from what I had had in my head going in to the appointment. Don’t get me wrong, the cut was technically fine and it served its purpose. And I’m sure my mom was relieved when I came home. But it wasn’t anything like what I set out to do.

So what went wrong? Looking back on it now, and having spent some time in the world of cosmetology, I see that it was simply a poor consultation with both parties at fault. I’m not going to entirely point the finger at her and say it was all her fault. It was as much mine.

This is why the art of the consultation is key to walking out of the salon happy. So here are my tips from both a client’s and hair stylist’s perspective on how to make the most out of your consultation.

  1. My tip- Do your research

My poor cut could have been avoided had I just taken the time to do some research on what I wanted the outcome to be. So get out your phone and find some pictures. Figure out the length, style, and color that you are looking for. Next, look into the stylists. Did you know that every stylist at Roots has a Facebook and/or Instagram page? Look them up. See what kind of work they have done in the past, and find a stylist who has done similar looks.  Look at the descriptions. Was it a full foil? Balayage? Lob? Undercut? It can feel like they are speaking a completely different language, so get to know what words coincide with the look you are going for. And bring those pictures with you!

  1. Stylist tip- Be honest about what you like and don’t like

Consultations are a conversation. Your stylist isn’t a mind reader. He or she probably doesn’t know that you don’t want to have to style your hair in the morning, or that you prefer you hair to be longer than your collar bone. So talk. And make it very clear what you want. Look at the pictures you brought together and talk about what is working for you and what isn’t. Sometimes seeing an example is a lot clearer than saying it. Also, decide what you are trying to achieve. Are you growing your hair out, maintaining a look, or are you ready for a change? Make it known.

  1. Stylist tip- Talk about your hair quirks

This is especially important if this is the first time you are meeting your stylist. Does your hair flip funny on one side? Is it pin straight no matter what you do to it? Do you have a colic that affects your part? Tell your stylist. All of these things make a big difference in how your stylist will approach your cut and color, and ultimately the outcome of the appointment.

  1. Stylist tip- Tell the truth

If your stylist asks you when the last time you colored your hair was, don’t say “it’s been a long time” if it’s been two months. Did you use a box dye? Fess up. Heat style your hair every day? Just say it. What products do you use? How long do you expect to go between appointments? All of these things matter when your stylist is making decisions about how to handle your cut and color.

  1. Stylist tip- Have realistic expectations

Remember that it’s a process. Some looks are totally achievable in one visit with little work. However, more extreme looks take time to be done correctly. There is no way you are going to go from black to platinum blonde in one go without your hair falling out of your head. Stylists aren’t magicians…close, but no cigar.

  1. Stylist tip- listen to recommendations

When your doctor gives you a recommendation, you usually listen. Why? That’s what they went to school for, and chances are they know best. So why wouldn’t you listen to your hair stylist? Hair stylists not only went to school to learn how to properly cut and color hair, but, at Roots, they are continuously learning about new techniques and products to give you the very best style that they can. This is not to say that they are going to talk you out of something or into something for their own selfish reasons. It’s about making a look work and what needs to happen in order for it to work.

  1. My tip- Make sure you are on the same page before you start

Repeat everything you talked about so that you both understand what you expect the final product to be. And just an FYI- a theoretical inch of hair looks like two different things to two different people. Make sure you physically see on your body with a comb how much hair will be taken off before you agree to cut. Better safe than sorry.

  1. Stylist and My tip- For God’s sake don’t say “I don’t know what I want. I trust you!”

When I brought this up to Amber, my consultant for this blog post, her reply was “I think you would look great with a shaved head!” Point well taken, Amber. (Side note: This was sarcastic, and I do not think Amber would shave anyone’s head in response to that statement. She is actually one of the most talented stylists we have and does stunning work. Go see her sometime!) So, yes, you do know what you want and don’t want. Come with a plan (see Tip #1).

I am happy to say that since starting my journey at Roots I have not had a bad hair experience. I know and love these stylists, and I am very aware of the time and effort that they put into their work. Star, however needs a little help with her consultations. I’m hoping that this tale serves as an example what to do and what not to do during your hair consultation, and hopefully everyone will leave their appointments happy- guests and stylists.

And don’t worry…I have plenty more stories where that one came from….

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Jan 12th

Bold Color in Just One Wash!

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Bold Color in Just One Wash!

Whether you want to add a subtle tint of color or go for bright, bold change, both looks can be achieved in just one 5 minute wash with Celeb Luxury’s Viral Wash color washes!


How does the Viral Wash line work?

Viral Wash is a color-depositing product that instantly adds temporary bold color to lightened hair. Simply apply to damp hair and leave on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing. Voila!


image-1 pink


Viral Wash treatments can be used just once for a temporary color effect, and will lighten and fade with every subsequent washing with a color-free shampoo. For best results in removing the color, make sure to use a quality clarifying shampoo. To maintain your new color, it is best to use the Viral Wash every other or every third shampoo. That will keep your color consistently vibrant! However, it is important to know that use with every shampoo will darken the color over time.


Already have professionally colored hair?

These products are perfect for maintaining your color in between professional services. Again, use every other wash to keep your professional color looking as beautiful as the moment you walked out of the salon!

While Viral Washes produce bold color in lightened hair. It can be used on darker shades as well to achieve a jewel tone without having to bleach your hair.

The Celeb Luxury Gemlites line is also a color depositing wash, however, unlike the viral wash, is designed to help tone and maintain natural hair colors. It can prevent the fading of reds and brunettes, and help to tone out brassiness in blondes.


It too should be used every-other was for color maintenance, or consecutively to increase color and intensity.


Something to note: depending on your hair type, these products can make your hair feel dry. It is important to use to a hydrating shampoo that is color safe. We recommend Hydrate by Pureology to keep your hair feeling healthy while maintaining your color.



Not sure if Celeb Luxuy Viral Wash or Gem Lites is for you? Come in and try it for yourself! For $14, you can test out any of our Viral Wash colors. To schedule an appointment call 844-550-0761 or click here to book online!


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Jan 4th

“It’s the weather!” How to Care for Your Skin in the Winter

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“It’s the weather!”

As Wisconsinites, winter brings more than just a rosy blush to your nose and cheeks. Did you know that winter causes other issues for your skin? The dry winter air, combined with the amped up indoor heat, causes dehydration, which can lead to flaking and dullness, even eczema (inflammation of the skin). Luckily, there are things you can do to combat the effects of the weather!

Talking to a skincare professional is always a worthwhile investment. Everyone’s skin is different, and therefore reacts to the seasonal changes differently. When it comes to skin, there is no one-size-fits-all regiment that you can buy at the drugstore.

Why are facials so important in the winter? Because they provide specialized treatments that you cannot get at home. Our Winter Remedy Facial is designed specifically for winter skin, with an exfoliation to remove the dry, dead skin and a deep moisturizing treatment to fight the intense dehydration.

Now what is a peel? A peel is a treatment that removes the outermost skin to reveal the new, healthy skin below! They are perfect for treating a multitude of skin issues, including acne, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and scarring. While peels should be done with every seasonal change, winter is actually the best time of year to have them done. Because we are typically inside more often in the winter, your sensitive post-peel skin isn’t as exposed to the elements. However, that doesn’t mean you do not have to keep it protected. Always apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen 30 minutes before going outdoors, and make sure to continue the skincare routine your esthetician recommended.



(Quality sunscreens, like this Oil Free SPF 40+ by Glotherapeutics, provide quality protection from the sun while also giving you hydration that will not clog your pores.)

What your esthetician wants you to know:

The condition of your skin changes with the seasons. It is important to make an appointment with your esthetician at the minimum with every seasonal change. She will be able to assess your skin changes, and adjust any treatments and skincare routines based on your needs to keep your skin beautiful all year round!

To book an appointment with one of our estheticians click here.


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Oct 12th

Destiny’s Portfolio

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Monrabedpeta .

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Oct 13th

Freshen Up Your Beauty Routine This Fall

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With fall officially in full swing, it’s safe to say most of us are changing up our beauty routine. Whatever your style, it’s definitely time to detox your makeup stash. backup iphone to icloud  You want your makeup to highlight your natural beauty–without any not-so-pretty side effects, such as breakouts or eye infections.  Here are some quick tips:

1.  Part with old stuff
Sort your cosmetics regularly. Toss older items. And throw away product that smells odd or has changed color–even if it’s not past the expiration date. vpn server Below you can get an idea as to how long you should hold onto your makeup:

2. Keep it clean
Germs and makeup aren’t a good mix. Make sure you:
• Wash your hands before applying cosmetics
• Keep applicators off surfaces, such as bathroom counter tops
• Never moisten products with water or saliva
• Remove makeup before going to bed to help prevent acne flare ups

3. Stay tidy and cool
Put lids back on bottles, compacts, and tubes. Make sure to keep all containers clean too. Heat can make makeup go bad faster, so stow it somewhere that gets no warmer than 85 degrees F…and yes, that includes not leaving it in a hot car all day.

4. Put everything in it’s place
Don’t apply lip and cheek products to your eyes. It’s safest to use beauty items for their intended purpose.

5. Share tips, not tools
Swapping makeup ideas with friends can be fun, but resist the temptation to trade products and tools–otherwise you might share germs too. The only time this is acceptable is if your are in a professional environment and products are properly cleaned after every use and either disposable applicators are used, or brushes are cleaned and sanitized before every use.

If a cosmetic or other item causes irritation or a reaction, stop using it right away. And if you have an eye infection, skip using all eye makeup until it clears up. Tamil to English be sure to start fresh and replace any products you were using when it began so you don’t reinfect yourself.

6. Sunscreen
This should always be your all season beauty secret. Just because it’s cooling down outside doesn’t mean the sun rays will still have their way with your skin. You should always protect your skin with some sort of SPF to prevent premature aging and sun damage.

To help you clean out your old makeup, mention this blog post for 25% off your entire makeup purchase through November!

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Sep 11th

Your Nail Lineup for Fall

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With Fall approaching not only is the weather changing but so is our style! Try out some of these looks the next time you come in this season.

Try a bold graphic accent with gold shimmery additives this season. Elle used CND Shellac colors Burnt Romance for the base, Rubble for the accent, and gold additives.

missy small

Wispy branches in white separate neutral colors with pops of teal and blue for an earthy look.  Elle used CND Shellac colors Indigo Frock, Sage Scarf, Coca, and Nude Knickers.


Want to try something different?  Try some color on only half your nail.  Instead of opting for red go with burgundy.  The darker hue is a classic twist on the traditional red and lends the perfect hint of sexiness when paired with a shimmery nude and gold foil flakes. domain list . Elle used CND Shellac colors VIP Status, Fedora, and  gold foil additives.  This warm smoldering look goes beautifully with a brown, smokey eye using Glo Minerals, and caramel highlights using Redken Color.


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Jun 18th

Something fun…

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As we mentioned a few hair posts ago, we’ll be cranking out some short/medium bob-length hairstyles. This is one of my favorites if you’re wearing something with a collar and you want to “lift” the hair up off your neck. You can definitely wear it regardless of the neckline on your dress/top but if pulling your hair up is the focus, keep this trick in your back pocket! I’ve broken it down into 3 sections to try and make it less complicated.

PART 1: Rough it up a little.

In these first four steps, you’re just adding some texture so the hair isn’t too soft. When short hair is super soft, the bobby pins will slip and the updo will slowly (or worse– quickly) fall apart. Here’s how we do that…

  1. Start with clean dry hair. If you have a little wave in your natural texture, let it be. web whois . It’s useful for this updo. If your hair is naturally pin-straight, you may want to add a little quick wave with a curling iron, wand or flat iron. If you hair is curly, leave it! This can totally be done on curly hair.
  2. Spray a bit of beach spray or texture spray all over, focusing on the root area. Make sure it’s not a product that feels too “crunchy” or sticky! You don’t want to have trouble pulling it apart as you put it up. It should be soft to the touch.
  3. Use your fingers to build the hair up. Scrunch and massage the root until the spray dries.
  4. Twist some of the pieces to give it even a little more texture.


PART 2: Twist it up!

  1. Create a diagonal part. It’s good to do this so you get a slightly more even distribution of hair on each side.
  2. Section off the heavier side and clip it forward to save it for the “knot” portion.
  3. Now you’re going to start twisting the side with less hair. Start near the ear and work your way back and up!
  4. Keep twisting! Add some pins as you go to secure the twist.
  5. Once you’ve twisted it all you can twist, you’re going to need to tuck the ends.
  6. Loop it back around as you see in photo 6 and tuck the tail of your twist back into the lower part of the twist and pin.
  7. You’re probably always going to have some short hairs fall out of the back when putting up bob-length hair. For that I always keep some of THIS around. It’s like liquid glue (not in a bad way). It’s just a really strong and will secure those hairs that fall out, no problem.

PART 3: Knotty, knotty!

  1. Now let’s go back to the front section. Pretend you’re going to do a french braid along your hairline. Instead of taking 3 pieces, take just two. them together once.
  2. Now add a piece to each side, the same way you would with a french braid.
  3. Now tie that together!
  4. Keep going and adding hair to each section as you go.
  5. Once you get just above the ear, you can stop.
  6. Twist the ends and tuck it into the back twist. Secure it with a bobby pin and spray it with a light veil of hairspray.

Check it in the mirror from all sides. Loosen up some bits if you want to make it feel a bit more soft and natural. If you try it, we of course want to see it! Tag us in your photo @thebeautydept on Instagram!

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May 8th

Wedding Season is upon us..check this out!

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Attendee StyleWedding season has officially started, and bridezillas are in full force.  But to be honest, it’s usually the maid of honor or the brides mother that are out of control!  I’m not trying to give anyone a bad rap but ladies, just relax, this is supposed to be fun!  Your supposed to be happy and joyous and excited the big day is finally here.  Really, at this point nothing can be done to change anything that has gone wrong and it’s only hair.  But, you could  do us a solid a bring in your pics of your favorite Pinterest hairstyles and we will work our magic.  We will beautify your hair and amplify your lashes.  Leave it up to us and trust we want you to look your best.  But most of all relax, you’ll be buzzin’ by 5. site down .

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Apr 28th


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caitlin 2011Join Roots Salon on Friday for the premier Fashion Show in all of Milwaukee!  So, will this fashion show bring it or not?  We will have to wait and see on Friday but if it’s anything like past shows, it should be spectacular.  Who would want to miss this?  It is jam packed with local designers, local business sponsors, great auction items and a cash raffle that will give away up to $1000.  It should bring down the house with all the excitement at Potawatomi Bingo and Casino.  Gambling credits will be given with all tickets and drinks will be plenty.  Think about checking it out or you’ll be missing out.  See you there, maybe. domain keywords .

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Apr 14th

Spring Must-Haves or Not Really?

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If your wondering what the must-haves are for fashion for Spring, don’t.  I’ve seen the latest by scouring the web, low heel pumps, did I really just say pumps?  Shirts that show off your mid-riff, do we really want to see that?  And orange is the new black, I love black, I don’t want the new black!  Those are a few and if I kept going you would want to stay inside for Spring.

Looking on the bright side, there are some more attractive looks to consider when thinking about your hair.  Cuts are moving more towards mid length with some subtle layers.  This cut is easy to style and can be worn on most whether you have thick or skinny hair.  Colors are moving away from Ombre and more towards natural browns with some face framing highlights, making you look like you’ve been in the sun even if you haven’t seen it for months.  (But here’s to hoping, it will come out again.)  Dare I say forego the blond this summer and be more natural, no really try it out.  You might like it!o-MEDIUM-HAIRCUTS-900

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