Oct 13th

Freshen Up Your Beauty Routine This Fall

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With fall officially in full swing, it’s safe to say most of us are changing up our beauty routine. Whatever your style, it’s definitely time to detox your makeup stash. backup iphone to icloud  You want your makeup to highlight your natural beauty–without any not-so-pretty side effects, such as breakouts or eye infections.  Here are some quick tips:

1.  Part with old stuff
Sort your cosmetics regularly. Toss older items. And throw away product that smells odd or has changed color–even if it’s not past the expiration date. vpn server Below you can get an idea as to how long you should hold onto your makeup:

2. Keep it clean
Germs and makeup aren’t a good mix. Make sure you:
• Wash your hands before applying cosmetics
• Keep applicators off surfaces, such as bathroom counter tops
• Never moisten products with water or saliva
• Remove makeup before going to bed to help prevent acne flare ups

3. Stay tidy and cool
Put lids back on bottles, compacts, and tubes. Make sure to keep all containers clean too. Heat can make makeup go bad faster, so stow it somewhere that gets no warmer than 85 degrees F…and yes, that includes not leaving it in a hot car all day.

4. Put everything in it’s place
Don’t apply lip and cheek products to your eyes. It’s safest to use beauty items for their intended purpose.

5. Share tips, not tools
Swapping makeup ideas with friends can be fun, but resist the temptation to trade products and tools–otherwise you might share germs too. The only time this is acceptable is if your are in a professional environment and products are properly cleaned after every use and either disposable applicators are used, or brushes are cleaned and sanitized before every use.

If a cosmetic or other item causes irritation or a reaction, stop using it right away. And if you have an eye infection, skip using all eye makeup until it clears up. Tamil to English be sure to start fresh and replace any products you were using when it began so you don’t reinfect yourself.

6. Sunscreen
This should always be your all season beauty secret. Just because it’s cooling down outside doesn’t mean the sun rays will still have their way with your skin. You should always protect your skin with some sort of SPF to prevent premature aging and sun damage.

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