Apr 14th

Spring Must-Haves or Not Really?

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If your wondering what the must-haves are for fashion for Spring, don’t.  I’ve seen the latest by scouring the web, low heel pumps, did I really just say pumps?  Shirts that show off your mid-riff, do we really want to see that?  And orange is the new black, I love black, I don’t want the new black!  Those are a few and if I kept going you would want to stay inside for Spring.

Looking on the bright side, there are some more attractive looks to consider when thinking about your hair.  Cuts are moving more towards mid length with some subtle layers.  This cut is easy to style and can be worn on most whether you have thick or skinny hair.  Colors are moving away from Ombre and more towards natural browns with some face framing highlights, making you look like you’ve been in the sun even if you haven’t seen it for months.  (But here’s to hoping, it will come out again.)  Dare I say forego the blond this summer and be more natural, no really try it out.  You might like it!o-MEDIUM-HAIRCUTS-900

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