May 8th

Wedding Season is upon us..check this out!

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Attendee StyleWedding season has officially started, and bridezillas are in full force.  But to be honest, it’s usually the maid of honor or the brides mother that are out of control!  I’m not trying to give anyone a bad rap but ladies, just relax, this is supposed to be fun!  Your supposed to be happy and joyous and excited the big day is finally here.  Really, at this point nothing can be done to change anything that has gone wrong and it’s only hair.  But, you could  do us a solid a bring in your pics of your favorite Pinterest hairstyles and we will work our magic.  We will beautify your hair and amplify your lashes.  Leave it up to us and trust we want you to look your best.  But most of all relax, you’ll be buzzin’ by 5. site down .

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